Wood clamp excavators HJ932K

Basic introduction of the HJ932K wood clamp excavator

The HJ932K wood clamp excavator belongs to the mid-range mini wheel loaders. The machine is equipped with 1 m3 bucket and wooden clamp with a discharge height of 3.3 meters, can be shoveled to serve dump trucks. With an area of up to 2000m2. We will provide you with the best after-sales care in the market. The machine itself is 5.5 tons, so it can lift the cargo volume up to 2 tons. The machine is equipped with four large tires with a 35-40cm wide tire. Always ensure the vehicle operates stably on all terrain including muddy wood gathering yards.

Giới thiệu cơ bản dòng xe xúc kẹp gỗ HJ932K

RATED LOAD CAPACITY (kg)200020002000
MIN. TURNING RADIUS (mm)440044004400
MAX. SPEED (km/h)202020
MAX. DUMPING HEIGHT (mm)300028402840
DUMPING DISTANCE (mm)125010901090
WHEEL BASE (mm)231523152315
WHEEL TRACK (mm)167016701670
ENGINE MODEL4DHZY44C6-88M224C6-88M22 turbo
ENGINE POWER (kw)766576
SPEED (r/min)240024002400
 TYRE SIZE  (FORWARD , REVERSE)16/70-2016/70-2016/70-20
DIMENSIONS (mm) LENGTH618061806180
WEIGHT (kg)530053005300

Thông số kỹ thuật máy xúc lật kẹp gỗ nhỏ HJ932K

Design of HJ932K wood clamp excavator

Machine weight 5000
Standard bucket capacity 1
Lifting weights 2000
Hydraulic motion form
4-wheel start mode
Engine model 4C6-88M22
Engine power 65
Equipment for vehicles -Radio, Fan, Air-conditioner – Brake sensor
Air filter sensor
Appearance size (DxRxC) 5670x2100x2850
Load height 3160
Maximum loading and unloading distance 940
Axis range 2420
1680 range cake
2400 rotation speed
Turning radius 4500
Tire size 16 / 70-20

Thiết kế của máy xúc kẹp gỗ HJ932K

Active two-ball differential system provides thrust and rugged environments for greater stability and durability.
Automatic transmission 1 forward and backward, 1 speed and slow speed, easy to control and flexible operation. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a lever to adjust the speed at which the tortoise moves or shovels materials.
The powerful 65 Kw turbocharged Quanchai engine is the preferred engine in the Vietnamese market, ensuring high durability, saving fuel and easy to find spare parts.

With a pouring height of 3.2 meters and lifting force of up to 2 tons, it can return the dump truck 15 tons.
With one hand, the hydraulic changer automatically locks on shutdown, making operation easier as well as increasing safety when shutdown. Because when the machine is turned off, the power adapter will lock completely to prevent someone from underneath the bucket.
The large cabin is designed for easy viewing and safety, while the cabin also has a fan, radio, USB port, adjustable seats to help the operator not get tired and comfortable for a long time. job.
Taplo displays basic parameters such as: brake sensor, coolant temperature sensor, and Acquy Volt sensor to help operators easily control possible incidents to be flexible in maintenance and repair. cure.
Front and rear lights, turn signals, and glass wipers help the vehicle to operate easily in night environments as well as in rainy and windy weather.

In addition to sandblasting, the machine also has a model equipped with a specialized HJ932K wood clip: wood clamp, paper clip …máy xúc kẹp gỗ HJ932K

The machine is using QUANCHAI engine. The engine quality is ranked among the best and most stable in China. With engine power 76kw 4 cylinders in line. Direct cooling with coolant. With this capacity, the machine can hybrid 18-liter gearbox is very stable.
With a two-speed gearbox with auxiliary gear, the machine is very supportive when loading and traveling. Gentle hydraulic movement even under heavy loads. The fully hydraulic manual system makes it very light. Helps you to work for a long time without fear of hand fatigue.

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