Wood clamp excavator BD85W-9

Basic introduction of the rotary wood clamp excavator BD85W-9

The new BD85W-9 rotary wood clamp excavator uses Guosan EFI engine, which is low noise and guaranteed power. The wheel loader uses a CBU imported hydraulic system with outstanding performance and stable quality. Rugged and durable multi-link front shovel, convenient and reliable electronic parking system. The luxury cabin is equipped with mechanical seat suspension with heating and air conditioning to reduce operator fatigue.

Máy xúc đào kẹp gỗ xoay BD85W-9

NoMain technical contentUnitTechnical specifications
firstOverall KT (DxRxC)Mm6145x2020x2925
2Weight machineKg6300
3The distance from the counterweight to the groundMm1045
4Ground clearanceMm280
5Cake rangeMm1650
6Axle rangeMm2390
7Ben widthMm2020
8Ben elevationMm490
firstBucket volume30.24
2Length needMm3400
3The length of the bucketMm1840
4Largest loading rangeMm6440
5Load discharge heightMm5000
6Maximum loadkg400
2Work pressureMpa19
3Rated flowL / min2 * 60
4Emission standardml/r2 * 22.5
5Rotation speedrpm11.5
6Speed ​​of movementKm / h0-26
7Maximum conduction forceKN34.6
8Largest turning rangeN.m/rpm250/1650
9Slope slopeO20
tenDiesel oil tankL110
11Hydraulic oil tankL125

Máy xúc đào kẹp gỗ xoay BD85W-9

Máy xúc đào kẹp gỗ BD85W-9

The machine line is popularly used in the production and business of the construction and manufacturing industries … The machine is often made at building materials stores, small construction works, suitable for loading and unloading. materials such as sand, stone, cushions on small trucks, move around narrow areas.

The machine is modernly designed, inherited from famous excavators in the world, has 2 side opening wings for easy maintenance and cleaning of the device and the frame is fixed to better protect the engine. , anti-noise and anti-impact from outside.

Máy xúc đào kẹp gỗ

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