Stone lifter LFT30

Basic introduction of the LFT30 series

LFT30 China stone forklift is manufactured to lift lumber blocks at the mine with a weight of 30 tons. There are many different brands of block forklifts, in which well-known car manufacturers in Vietnam can only produce up to 10 tons of block rockers. However, this area is the affirmation of the famous stone forklift brand, which is the SDLG LFT30 stone forklift. The appearance of the forklift truck, marble stems from the need to use natural stone in the construction with aesthetics and eternal durability over time.

Máy nâng đá LFT30

Mô tả chi tiếtThông số kỹ thuật
Trọng lượng máy34000kg
Công suất178 Kw
Trọng lượng nâng30000 Kg

Máy nâng đá

Design of LFT30 Stone Lifting Machine

The heart of these heavy block rock lifts is usually a Weichai or Cummins Dongfeng turbocharged engine with a capacity of 162 Kw, 178 kw, 194 Kw, 226 kilow, 276 kw,… and larger depending on the size. vehicle. Customers can also choose Cummins engines imported from the UK or the US, to increase the durability and power of the rock forklift they plan to invest. Of course, the cost will increase at least 100 million VND depending on the engine capacity. Heavy lift tires are all heavy duty tires. However, to protect the tire set, all tires will need to purchase additional tire chains to make the vehicle operate more efficiently.

SDLG stone forklift has high durability, flexible mobility, has an official distributor in Vietnam, so accessories are always available, easy to repair and replace. 2. WSM stone forklift With WSM block rock forklift line, stone forklift line consists of two main lines: WSM marble forklift and WSM block rock forklift. For the block rock forklift line, WSM produces a range of vehicles with lifting capacity from 18 tons to 55 tons. Models include: WSM951T18 with 18t lift to allowable height 1600 mm; WSM976T40 block rock forklift model has a lifting capacity of 40 tons; Model WSM973T32-I with lifting capacity of 32 tons of rock is the most popular line being used in quarries in Vietnam in Thanh Hoa, Yen Bai, Binh Dinh, .. WSM block rock forklift. 3. Jingong stone forklifts For Jingong stone forklifts, the line of stone forklifts includes models FT16, FT18L, FT21, FT25, FT26, FT28, FT30HB, FT32HB and FT48 with the ability to lift blocks from 16 tons to 45 tons, afternoon lift height from 330-2950 mm. Jingong stone surface lifts are only used in the South Central provinces

The commonly used gearbox is hydraulic gearbox originating from Hangzhou, which is also China’s most advanced gearbox. Customers can choose from electric hydraulic gearbox or hydraulic gearbox for stone block forklift.

A very important part of the rock forklift is the bridge. Normally, bridges from Feicheng or Belian are two very famous Chinese bridge brands. If the customer will play, the German ZF Bridge is a very valuable choice for this equipment.

The cabin is fitted with air conditioning and heating, along with premium cushioned seats. Control panel can choose from high-end touch screen or mechanical control panel as usual. However, with rainy weather, perhaps customers should choose the traditional panel.

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