Small wheel loader HJ930G

Basic introduction of the HJ930G mini wheel loader

The HJ930G wheel loader is a series of vehicles manufactured for agricultural excavation work. The car has a more powerful engine than HJ928G, equivalent to bucket, pouring power up to 4 meters.
HJ930G uses Quanchai 55kW engine, automatic transmission, front and rear disc brakes, ensuring most demand for agricultural products. Sensors on the engine overheat and pressure to help the driver operate safely and stably.
The HJ930G high load wheel loader is a dedicated wheel loader in the small wheel loader segment (China). Specially designed for the jobs that require a lot of work of the wheel loader such as: water shoveling, dry cassava (cassava), sawdust shovel, cashew shovel, agricultural products, fertilizer machine…. HJ930G wheel loader is an upgraded version of the HJ920G dump truck, which is favored and trusted by many businesses.

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Technical Data of the HJ930G small wheel loader

RATED LOAD CAPACITY (kg)1800180018001800
MAX. GRADE ABILITY (º)30303030
MIN. TURNING RADIUS (mm)4500450045004500
MAX. SPEED (km/h)20202020
MAX. DUMPING ANGLE (º)40404040
MAX. DUMPING HEIGHT (mm)4070407042204220
DUMPING DISTANCE (mm)990990990990
WHEEL BASE (mm)2250225025702570
WHEEL TRACK (mm)1465146515001500
ENGINE POWER (kw)55555555
SPEED (r/min)2400240024002400
 TYRE SIZE  (FORWARD , REVERSE)20.5/70-1620.5/70-1620.5/70-1620.5/70-16
DIMENSIONS (mm) LENGTH6490649069706970
WEIGHT (kg)4750475047504750

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Design of the HJ930G mini wheel loader

The HJ930G high-load excavator is equipped with a 55Kw (equivalent to 71.5Hp) turbocharged engine from the famous engine company Quangchai to help you have a great experience after owning HJ930G:
The machine works strongly with a turbocharged engine, the average power is 55Kw.
Save fuel thanks to the outstanding technology of the leading Chinese engine company QUANCHAI.
Highly durable with a shelf life of over 5 years.
Minimize Noise – The machine operates extremely smoothly, offering a very different experience from other Chinese wheel loaders.
Simple spare parts – Hoang Giai construction machines always provide all the details of Quanchai engines – In addition, Quanchai is one of the three most popular Chinese engine brands in the Vietnamese market. South, which is used a lot not only on small Chinese hand-wheeled cars but also on small trucks, dump trucks, self-propelled pump trucks … all feel like outside the goods.
The new engine with high stability, fuel consumption of 3.5l / h may be something you need to think about when deciding to invest in a new excavator or to carry your cemetery.

The HJ930G agricultural excavator is equipped with the most advanced multi-speed hydraulic gearbox on current Chinese small loaders. The car uses a 4-mode dual fast-slow converter that offers advantages such as:
Extremely easy handling – Driving and operating the HJ930G high wheel loader is extremely easy even for those who have never come into contact with the wheel loader or construction machine.
Gears are gentle, smooth with hydraulic systems manufactured on modern, high precision lines.
A variety of convenient gear options are available during operation, such as choosing a speed for shoveling, running in a warehouse or off the road at up to 30 km / h.
Durable operation with a lifespan of over 10 years.
Easy care and maintenance with 1000 hour service cycle and spacious saturation chamber.
Shandong MingYu wheel loaders offer a 12-month and unlimited-hour warranty on all of its mini wheel loaders.
Forget the old Japanese wheel loaders are often broken, difficult to find spare parts and repairers because HJ930G is so excellent and economical.

Hydraulic system:
The HJ930G dedicated wheel loader is equipped with a very modern hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pump works extremely strongly, the maximum working cycle time <13s.
One hand hydraulic handrail for simple, convenient and safe operation.
The 2-layer hydraulic oil filter system keeps the hydraulic oil clean, ensuring that the hydraulic system and the hydraulic pump side operate smoothly.
Modern dual heat dissipation system, dissipates heat quickly and efficiently.


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Because the vehicle is relatively large with a self-weight of up to 5 tons. So the workshop designed the frame and iron very firmly. The chassis is designed according to Japanese standards. Single U-shaped steel always creates stability for vehicle operation without shaking when under heavy loads

The chassis is made of two-layer original steel plate, cut with a high-tech CMC cutter that always ensures precision to every small detail because the car’s forks are an important part and also direct load. At best, while the design only needs to deviate a small detail can lose the working accuracy, the entire frame and iron of the machine are welded by modern robot systems. If the paint is not uniform when working outdoors, the machine is prone to rust due to acid rain.

Notes and checks before choosing to buy the HJ930G mini wheel loader

The HJ930G series of wheel loaders are being equipped with a QUANCHAI engine. Why isn’t the engine line yunei or yuchai? Because the factory has also installed all kinds of engines. Only QUANCHAI was well received by customers and responded very well. High stability, easy-to-find universal spare parts.

The 1.3-block bucket loader is reasonably designed to withstand high stresses with anti-deformation, anti-twisting materials under large loads.
The control system is simple, sophisticated, rationally arranged with the gear lever and hydraulic bucket lifting and lowering on either side.
Spacious cabin insulated with the environment, four-way adjustable driver’s seat.
Turbo engine for a capacity of 78 kW, saving fuel.
20-inch wheels ensure smooth operation with anti-slip grease tires.
In addition to the wheel loader, the car also has wooden pickers, forklifts, hydraulic quick removal …

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