Small wheel loader HJ928B

Basic introduction of the mini wheel loader HJ928B

The HJ928B small wheel loader is a series of wheel loaders with a bucket capacity of 0.8 m3. Compact design suitable for small and medium businesses. The HJ928B mini wheel loader series is chosen by enterprises, industry and agriculture as the most optimal, compact, convenient, and reasonably priced product that brings high work efficiency. This mini wheel loader not only helps business owners to spend low initial investment costs but also helps to save fuel consumption costs during use.

MIN. TURNING RADIUS (mm)45004500
MAX. SPEED (km/h)2020
MAX. DUMPING HEIGHT (mm)31603160
WHEEL BASE (mm)22502250
WHEEL TRACK (mm)14651465
SPEED (r/min)24002400
 TYRE SIZE  (FORWARD , REVERSE)20.5/70-1620.5/70-16
WEIGHT (kg)36503650

xe xúc lật mini HJ928B

Design of the HJ928B mini wheel loader

The HJ928B 8-stroke small loader uses a 55KW turbo engine, the engine that is extremely popular in the market for its power and fuel economy when used. In addition, the MINGYU wheel loader manufacturer replaced the Quanchai HJ928B engine, the leading engine brand in China, specializing in the supply of loaders, trucks, small dump trucks … for vehicle stability. . Stable, durable, fuel-saving and low noise performance.
The hydraulic pump works extremely strongly, the maximum working cycle time <11s.
One-hand hydraulic crank for simple and convenient operation.
The 2-layer hydraulic oil filter system keeps the hydraulic oil clean, ensuring the hydraulic system and the hydraulic pump side operate smoothly.
Modern cooling system, cooling quickly and effectively.
The new HJ928B mini loader is equipped with a very powerful multi-speed hydraulic transmission that is easy to use. Make sure to operate this car in the easiest way even if you have never used it. The HJ928B mini wheel loader has many levels of fast and slow, helping to actively choose subjects when excavating or accelerating when traveling long distances.

máy xúc lật mini HJ928B

Some of the other highlights of the new HJ928B small wheel loader.
Outstanding queue height up to 3.2m. Ensure that goods are dumped on 3-legged dump trucks, dumping hoppers in factories, dumping noodles on trucks …
The automatic disc brake system operates safely.
Visai planetary two-bridge system for each wheel helps the car operate extremely stable on all terrains.
Other advanced systems:
– Air filter sensor: Warning when the air filter is too dirty, helping the operator know and be proactive in maintenance.
– Steam sensor: Warning when there is not enough air to prevent the brake from eating, helping customers proactively operate safely.
The cabin is designed spacious and modern, the seats can be adjusted according to the body and posture, radio memory card, USB, fan cooling …
And very different from modern …
The vehicle can be used as a bucket of wood, trash, agricultural products …
The new HJ928B small wheel loader is currently completely imported and distributed by Hoang Giai Construction Machinery. The industry leader in motor equipment supply with very popular products such as small loaders, bucket loaders, high dump trucks (over 4.5m dump trucks), new ISUZU engine forklifts, loaders for buckets of 2 blocks, loaders for buckets of 3 blocks or more, wheel loaders equipped with 360 degree rotating clamps, decorative materials ..Ưu điểm vượt trội của xe xúc lật nhỏ HJ928B

HJ928B is an upgraded truck from HJ928. The two cars have a quite similar form, but inside the HJ828B there are many upgrades from engine capacity, gearbox, bridge, brake …

HJ928B uses 55kW turbocharged engine, hydraulic automatic transmission, visai bridge, air brake, while HJ928 only uses 38kW engine, floor number, bridge. The engine upgrade allows the car to operate more strongly, the automatic transmission helps the operator to manipulate quickly and easily. Other upgrades also help the operator comfortably operate and make the car more maneuverable. The HJ928B wheel loader is currently chosen by many customers because customers tend to want a better experience, or because of its easy-to-operate features, business owners want workers to be able to grasp and operate easily.

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