Small wheel loader HJ928

Basic introduction of the HJ928 mini wheel loader

In the small wheel loader segment, the HJ928 Mini Wheel Loader is an upgrade from the HJ18 model which has been very popular in VXLD stores, producing animal feed, fertilizer … The mini wheel loader HJ928 is improved The Quanchai 4-stroke engine provides a capacity of up to 50Hp to help the car operate strongly. Besides, Quanchai engine is China’s top engine brand, high value. As a result, the engine is very quiet, has high side, and is fuel efficient. This is a remarkable point compared to other brands when they only use Quanchai engines for new models of wheel loaders with a bucket capacity of 1 block or more, while for small loaders, only medium engines are used. mind like Yunei, Changchai…. to reduce costs.

Giới thiệu cơ bản dòng xe xúc lật mini HJ928

HJ928 is a series of wheel loaders using manual gearbox, 3 forward and 2 reverse gears, often used to excavate soil, sand for construction materials or in construction with moderate area.
Using Quanchai 38kw engine, vehicle weighs 3.5 tons, bucket 0.8 cubic, dump 3.2m high, lifting load up to 1.6 tons.
Using hydraulic control system with simple structure, convenient operation, good performance, fuel saving, environmental protection, high reliability.
There are many upgraded versions for many different uses including: automatic transmission HJ928C, turbo engine HJ928B, wooden clamps HJ928K, long lever HJ928G specialized in agricultural excavation …

Technical data of small wheel loader HJ928

RATED LOAD CAPACITY (kg)160016001600
MIN. TURNING RADIUS (mm)440044004400
MAX. SPEED (km/h)202020
MAX. DUMPING HEIGHT (mm)316031603160
DUMPING DISTANCE (mm)6201250620
WHEEL BASE (mm)225022502250
WHEEL TRACK (mm)146514651465
ENGINE POWER (kw)404038
SPEED (r/min)240024002400
 TYRE SIZE  (FORWARD , REVERSE)20.5/70-1620.5/70-1620.5/70-16
DIMENSIONS (mm) LENGTH538557905385
WEIGHT (kg)350035003500

Thông số kỹ thuật máy xúc lật nhỏ HJ928

Design of the HJ928 mini wheel loader

Functions of HJ928 Wheel Loader:
– The HJ928 wheel loader has a capacity of 0.8 cubic bucket suitable for jobs such as: building materials shop specializing in sand shoveling, shovel, planing, coal …
Configuration of Excavator HJ928:
– The active two-bridge system provides strong ironing power and rough environments where single-bridge types are difficult to operate.
– 3-speed forward and 2 reverse gearboxes, flexible at work according to the needs of strong contact and fast movement.
– The Quanchai 38 Kw engine is a popular line on the Vietnamese market, ensuring high durability, saving fuel as well as easy to find spare parts in the market.
– With a pouring height of 3.2 meters and lifting force up to 1.6 tons, it is considered a high pouring king. Compared to Japanese cars, the vehicle’s height is 3 meters lower. Very suitable for a wide variety of jobs that require a large pouring height.
– The cabin is designed wide, equipped with a fan, radio and a bucket controller. Helps convenience and comfort for the operator, preventing fatigue during long working periods.
– The machine is equipped with the basic sensors of the vehicle. Makes it easy for the operator to control possible problems. For flexibility in maintenance and repair.
– The pouring height up to 3.2 meters is suitable for jobs that require a large pouring height.
– Cheap price, quick capital recovery, less damage than Japanese car parking. Components are easy to find, spare parts are not too expensive.
In addition to sand shoveling, the machine also has a model equipped with a specialized wooden clamp HJ928K: wood clamp, paper clip, cane clip …
In addition, customers can refer to the smaller segment which is the HJ18B bucket 0.7-block loader or the higher-end segment, the HJ928B automatic 0.8-block bucket excavator.

Hệ thống đèn điện của máy xúc lật mini HJ928

Máy xúc lật HJ928 được sản xuất tại nhà máy Mingyu với hơn 50.000 chiếc mỗi năm

The HJ928 wheel loader with a capacity of 0.8 cubic bucket is in the mini wheel loader segment. With a discharge height of 3.2 meters, dump trucks 15 tons. Suitable for small building materials yards, workshops, shovel workshops: sand, stone, shavings, sawdust, coal, ore …
The HJ928 wheel loader is manufactured at the Mingyu factory with more than 50,000 pieces per year. It is the largest mini wheel loader factory in China. Distributed by the Hoang Giai company in Vietnam.
– Has a total branches stretching from North-Central-South (Hung Yen-Da Nang-Binh Duong) and other small agencies.
Distributed nationwide on a large scale. Ensure to meet the nearest and available vehicle and spare parts to customers and technical support.

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