Mine dump truck MT95

Basic introduction of the MT95 Mining Dump Truck Series

Mine dump truck is truck equipment used to run and transport in mines, quarries, coal mines … There are many brands producing mining dump trucks, including LGMG Group. is one of the producers trusted by major mineral mining companies of many countries in the world, including Vietnam.

MT95 Is the best-selling car of LGMG brand with affordable price, guaranteed quality, good performance in harsh environment at mining construction units. LGMG’s dump truck covers most of the workloads that miners need.

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Technical Data MT95 Mining Dump Truck

Technical Parameters
Curb Weight(kg)32000
Axle Load25T+35T+35T
Max. Speed(㎞/h)44
Rock Dump Body Volume-heaped(m³)33
Tailgate Type Dump Body Volume-heaped(m³)32
Overall Dimension(LxWxH mm)9080×3670×4140

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As an importer and distributor of construction equipment, mines, transportation equipment and other line equipment directly from the factory, Hoang Giai Company not only provides actual MT95 dump trucks directly from the market. Vietnamese schools that also help customers drive traffic to the website. In addition, the after-sales and high certification regime helps customers avoid risks and feel secure to use the MT90S mine truck.

The 95 ton MT95 dump truck is a line of trucks commonly used by mining companies in the mining and retail sectors … MT90S mining dump trucks are distributed and sold on the Vietnamese market.

The MT90S dump truck is one of the best-selling cars of LGMG along with other dump trucks such as MT86H, MT90 … With a transport plan of up to 90 tons, the MT95 mine runway vehicle is suitable for many of the tasks required by the mining companies.

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