Lonking forklifts

A basic introduction to the Lonking line of forklifts

Where does Lonking forklift come from?
Lonking forklift is a product from Lonking Forklift brand – a subsidiary of Lonking Group (Lonking Holdings Limited). Lonking is now one of the leading manufacturers of forklifts and construction machines in China. Lonking Group was founded in 1993 in Wuhan as a private company and has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2005. Lonking Holdings Limited is among the top 50 largest construction vehicle manufacturers in the world. world and top 5 in China. Lonking forklifts are also currently ranked top 5 in China in terms of production scale.

Up to now, Lonking has provided to the market nearly 200 models of forklifts from oil engine forklifts to electric forklifts, with diverse lifting loads for users from 1 to 10 tons, high quality products, stable working performance. In addition, with relatively low prices, sales agents spreading across Asia, including Vietnam, Lonking’s forklifts are increasingly popular and trusted by consumers. Pebble.

Although only involved in the production of forklifts since 2008, Lonking is currently in the top 14 in the world in terms of output. Each year, the factory supplies more than 40000 forklifts of all kinds to the market.
Lonking forklifts currently have 7 product lines with more than 500 different models. Basically, the company divided into 3 main product groups: Lonking forklift, Lonking electric forklift and Lonking LPG forklift.
Lonking currently produces 23 different models of oil lifters with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 25 tons. Vehicle model includes both mechanical and hydraulic; Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical controls are also included on models over 15 tons. Vehicle engines are available in both Chinese and Japanese.Xe nâng hàng Lonking

Option□ Pneumatic tire
□ Side shifter
□ 2 Stage Free Mast 3m
□ Solid tires
□ Side shifter
□ 2 Stage Free Mast 3m
□ Solid tires
□ Side shifter
□ 2 Stage Free Mast 3m
Self weight (kg)432248284368
Overall dimensions
(includes fork) (mm)
Wheel base (mm)170017001700
Fork size (mm)1070x125x501070x125x501070x125x50
Power (kW)404034
Rated power (r/min)265026502500
Max travel speed (km/h)202020
Rated capacity (kg)300030003000
Max lifting height (mm)300030003000
Max lifting speed with load (m/min)22,822,822,8

Các dòng Xe nâng hàng Lonking

Lonking forklifts

The Lonking FD line of oil forklifts include
FD20, FD25, FD30, FD35, FD38. All of these Lonking forklifts use old technology with the outer shell of the lift column so it is not really outstanding. This design is similar to most Chinese forklifts on the market. The engine is simple to drive and doesn’t save oil. The cabin is simple, and there is no active safety control system.

Lonking LG’s line of oil lifters includes
LG15, LG20, LG25, LG30, LG35. These models are more advanced than the Lonking FD series. For example, the Lonking LG30 3 ton oil forklift uses an automatic transmission, the lifting cylinder is the clear cylinder, so the lifting efficiency is better. The larger Lonking range of oil lifters from the LG40 to the LG250 still use external cylinder technology.

Lonking LPG forklift 3 tons

Lonking electric forklift
The company produces 11 models of electric forklifts, including 3-wheel electric forklift, Lonking 4-wheel electric forklift and vertical electric forklift. The lifting capacity of Lonking electric forklift ranges from 1.3 to 3.5 tons. Customers can choose either AC or DC electric motors. The main controller and main unit are also purchased from Curtis or Zapi. It is a pity that 100% of Lonking electric forklifts still use the old technology of Chinese forklifts in general, including:

Outer cylinder.
The cabin does not have the ability to protect the driver.
Narrow driving space, etc.
The only Lonking 3-wheel forklift truck is LG16BE with a lifting capacity of 1.6 tons. The most popular model of electric forklift is the Lonking LG25B.

LGP Lonking forklift
With the very high safety requirements of LPG forklifts, so Lonking uses Nissan engines. There are 5 models of LPG Lonking forklifts including LG15LGT to LG35LGT. Currently only LG15LGT forklift model uses very old technology, models from LG20LGT have made improvements in design.

xe nâng diesel Lonking

For lifting capacity of 2 – 4 tons, Lonking diesel forklift mainly uses Chinese Xinchai C490BPG engine series and Isuzu C240 ​​engine from Japan. This forklift offers high working efficiency, safe operation and can operate in the harshest weather conditions.
For a range of 5-10 ton forklifts equipped with Chinese Xinchai CA6110 engines. The outstanding advantage of these forklifts is that they are designed to be very sturdy, have high durability, save operating costs and are capable of lifting and lowering heavy materials, so they are suitable for use in material production workshops. build. construction, seaport, concrete production, mixing plant and outdoor works, spacious space.
Currently, Lonking forklifts running Lonking diesel are being focused more on distribution in Vietnam due to the relatively large user demand.


Lonking focuses mainly on 3-wheel, 4-wheel electric forklift with lifting capacity from 1-3.5 tons, with Curtis control board of America, Lonking electric forklift can work well. in different environmental conditions.

In addition, this model uses batteries from China, helping to save fuel and low maintenance costs during operation. The size of the electric forklift is also quite compact, so it is suitable for moving and lifting goods in narrow warehouses with small aisles. Some models of Lonking electric lift trucks can be mentioned such as:

Lonking electric forklift driver with 1.5 ton payload LG-15B
2 ton forklift truck: LG-20BF
3 ton forklift truck: LG-30B
3.5 ton forklift truck: LG-35B

Các lưu ý và kiểm tra trước khi chọn mua 

Notes and checks before choosing to buy

Like many other forklift brands, Lonking is constantly improving and upgrading product quality to meet the increasing needs of users.

Up to this point, compared to other famous brands of forklifts, the price of Lonking forklift is relatively cheap. For example, Lonking’s new product lines with a tonnage of 3 tons will cost between 250 and 345 million while other companies will need 600-700 million to own a forklift of corresponding tonnage.

Therefore, depending on your needs and financial ability, you should consider choosing the most suitable forklift product and brand.

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