Leveling machine G9220F

Basic introduction of the G9220F series graders

G9220F graders have a capacity of 165kW with traction up to 87kN. As a major strategic leveling product in the SDLG group’s floor leveling machine segment. G9220F will provide flexible performance, low operating costs and high durability.

Basic introduction of the G9220F series graders

Detailed descriptionTechnical specifications
Blade length3962 mm
Wattage146 kW
Operating weight15800 Kg

Design of G9220F graders

Introduction of the SDLG G9220F scoring machine.
– G9220F is equipped with G7 DALIAN-DEUTZ BF6M1013ECP engine with capacity of 165kW / 2100v.ph. This motor is used for VOLVO G946C classifier.

– With 6-speed number households, promises to bring flexibility in operation. Meet all types of active terrain. For greater transmission efficiency and traction.

sdlg g9220f-3

– The new generation chassis system is optimized for the front and rear chassis installed by VOLVO Group. Help allocate loads properly, reasonably designed to increase work efficiency by 15%.

– The blade rotating blade has a diameter of 1626mm with the design of bearing ribs. Make the process of changing corners faster, more firmly.

Leveler G9220F SDLG

Main Applications and Advantages G9220F graders

SDLg g9220f sorting machine – New generation ROPS / FOPS taxi increases working space by 15%. Make work operations easier and more productive. The cabin is designed to provide up to 97% visibility. With standard, easy-to-use controls, comfortable seats, air-conditioning and ROPS / FOPS certification.

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