Large wheel loader XD928

Basic introduction of the XD928 Large Wheel Loader

The XD928 large wheel loader is a specialized equipment for digging soil, rock, and ore in tunnels. Hydroelectric and rock tunneling works in the tunneling process should be cleaned up. Ores from underground mines need to be transported to loading and unloading areas. This job requires a compact excavator, a large bucket, so mini machines cannot do it. That’s why tunnel diggers were designed.

Máy xúc lật lớn XD928

Main specifications
Bucket capacity (m3 )0.8-1.2
Rated load (t)2.0
Weight (t)6.5
Lifting time of the arms (s)≤4
The sum of three items(s)≤8
Forward gear(km/h)I 0-7  II 0-24
Reverse gearI 0-7  II 0-24
Max. climbing gradient30°
Overall dimension (mm)5500*1800*1900
Wheel base (mm)2450
Wheel tread(mm)1420
Max. dumping height(mm)1740/2200
Dumping reach (mm)945
Diesel engine
Engine modelCUMMINS 4BTA3.9-C80
Engine typeIn-line,water-cooling,4-stroke, 4cylinder,direct-injection
Rated power(kw)60
Rated speed (r/min)2200
Maximum torque /speed(N.m/rpm)370/1300
Total exhaust of cylinder(L)3.9
Type of startingElectric start
Transmission system
Torque converter
TypeSingle stage, three elements
ModelZL20 (Underground customization by TIANXIANG)
TypeFix counter-shaft, power-shift
Axle and tire
Type of main reducerSpiral bevel gear,single stage
Type of final reducerSingle stage planetary
Size of tire15/70-18
Working device of hydraulic system
Model of working pumpCBG2063
Nominal displacement(ml/r)63
Multi-way directional valveZL20
Rated flow(L/min)20
Steering system
TypeLoad-sensing hydraulic steering
Max input pressure(Mpa)16
Brake system
Type of traveling breakAir over hydraulic break
Type of parking breakManual disc brake

Máy xúc lật XD928

Design of the XD928 Large Wheel Loader

The xiandai XD928 wheel loader is equipped with the 01/02 gear change control system according to the requirements of the customer, the automatic transmission system uses a high quality Shantui gearbox, the engine uses the famous YTO brand. capacity up to 70Kw with turbocharger, bucket lifting cylinder using dual lifting system helps the machine super strong, durable over time. Especially, the machine is also equipped with a waste gas treatment system imported from Thailand, ensuring air quality when working in the pit.

The outstanding features such as:

The machine has a small pocket size.
Powerful hydraulic and motor system.
Big box.
Easy control system.
Introduction of the xiandai tunnel excavator XD928.

Máy xúc lật lớn XD928

With more than 20 years in the field of design and manufacture of excavators, brand XIANDAI increasingly has a firm foothold in China as well as in the international market. The lines of tunnel excavators (tunnel loaders) with bucket capacity from 0.6m3 to 1.7m3 suitable for construction of all types of tunnels smallest.

Currently, the product line of 1m3 bucket excavator model XD928 is being used popularly in Vietnam for units of tunnel construction, hydropower construction and projects to Laos and Cambodia to build. Machine with overall dimensions (tunneling machine size) DxRxC is 6200x1900x1870mm respectively, making it suitable for tunnels with larger sizes 2.2×2.2 (m).

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