High overturn excavator HJ946G

Basic introduction of the HJ946G mini high load excavator

The HJ946G high dump loader is still in the Chinese small wheel loader segment but is a special configuration to meet jobs requiring high discharge height, light load. An upgrade in capacity and bucket capacity from Agricultural Excavator HJ936G. Has been and is very popular in scooping noodles (cassava), corn (maize), cashew nut shell, animal feed …
In addition, the product also has an upgraded version: Wheel loader with bucket – wooden bucket forklift truck HJ946GK high with a discharge height of 4.3m but comes with wooden bucket to serve needs. variety of customers.
The new HJ946G high dump truck is currently imported complete unit and distributed by Hoang Giai Construction Machine. The industry leader in providing motorized equipment with very popular products such as small wheel loaders, wheel loaders with bucket, and high dump truck (dump truck over 4.5 m), new ISUZU engine forklifts, 2-block bucket loaders, bucket loaders of 3 blocks or more, wheel loaders equipped with 360 degree rotating clamps, decorative materials …

Máy xúc lật nhỏ HJ946G

Technical Data of the small wheel loader HJ946G

RATED LOAD CAPACITY (kg)220022002200
MIN. TURNING RADIUS (mm)450045004500
MAX. SPEED (km/h)202020
MAX. DUMPING HEIGHT (mm)422042204220
DUMPING DISTANCE (mm)131013101310
WHEEL BASE (mm)282028202820
WHEEL TRACK (mm)168016801680
ENGINE POWER (kw)878585
SPEED (r/min)240024002400
 TYRE SIZE  (FORWARD , REVERSE)16/70-2416/70-2416/70-24
DIMENSIONS (mm) LENGTH716071607160
WEIGHT (kg)710071007100

Xe xúc lật đổ cao HJ946G

Design of the HJ946G mini wheel loader

HJ946G high dump truck is equipped with Quanchai engine, capacity 87Kw equivalent to 113Hp – With TURBO turbocharged.
The machine works strongly with a capacity of 113 horsepower with turbocharger.
Save fuel thanks to the superior technology of Quanchai engine company.
The elevation of over 10 years.
Much less noise than other Chinese engine manufacturers.
Spare parts are readily available and easy to find in the Vietnamese market.
The HJ946G agricultural wheel loader is equipped with the most advanced multi-speed hydraulic gearbox, with 4-mode dual fast-slow converter that offers many great advantages such as
Operation is easy even for those who have never come into contact with the wheel.
Gears gently and smoothly.
There are many convenient gear options during operation such as choosing the speed when shoveling, running in the warehouse or running off the road with a maximum speed of up to 30 km / h.
Durable operation with a lifespan of over 10 years.
Easy and convenient maintenance.
Hydraulic system:
The HJ946G high-load excavator is equipped with a very modern hydraulic system:
The hydraulic pump is extremely powerful, the maximum working cycle time is <13s.
One-handed hydraulic hand changer automatically hydraulic lock when the car is turned off, making the operation simple, convenient and safe.
The 2-layer hydraulic oil filter system keeps the hydraulic oil clean, ensuring the smooth operation of the hydraulic system and the side of the hydraulic pump.
Modern cooling system, cooling quickly and effectively.

Máy xúc lật đổ cao HJ946G được trang bị hế thống thủy lực vô cùng hiện đại

Chức Năng Của Máy Xúc Lật HJ946B

Functions of HJ946B Wheel Loader:
The HJ946G wheel loader is upgraded from the HJ946B wheel loader, with the advantage of a long boom with a discharge height of up to 4.3 meters. Due to the need to shovel lightweight materials and high dumpers, the HJ946G wheel loader is equipped with a bucket capacity of up to 2 blocks. Specializes in shoveling light materials such as: fresh noodles, dry noodles, shavings, sawing season, agricultural products …

Notes and checks before choosing to buy the HJ946G mini wheel loader

HJ946G High Load Loader Details Specifications:
Machine weight 7100 Kg
Standard bucket capacity 2 Blocks
Lifting weight 2200 Kg
Revolving speed of 2400 rpm
4-wheel motion form
Hydraulic gearbox
Model YCD4J22T-115
Engine power 85 Kw
Appearance size (DxRxC) 7160x2510x3150 mm
Discharge height 4300 mm
The highest loading distance is 1040 mm
Axle radius of 2650 mm
Wheel radius 1680 mm
Radius of rotation 4500 mm
Lifting and lowering time <13 s
Tire size 16 / 70-24

The discharge height of 4.3 meters can accommodate 3-legged, 4-legged, container trucks … currently on the market.
The HJ946G wheel loader uses a 16 / 70-24 tire with large width tires, when high, the HJ946G wheel loader still maintains good balance, avoiding overturning when traveling on rough terrain when the need is still held high. .
The powerful 85 Kw turbocharged Yuchai engine is the best mid-range engine on the Vietnamese market, only after Weichai (Weichai engines are only available in the large excavator segment) that have been guaranteed to last. high fuel economy and easy to find spare parts.
Multi-speed gearbox is gentle and easy to operate. With 1 floor fast and slow, 1 floor forwards, and 1 sub-floor of rabbit turtles, helping the car move on many different terrains.
The cabin is designed with a wide seat that can be adjusted to facilitate visibility and manipulation. Inside is also equipped with a fan, wiper rain, radio with USB plug, hand brake.

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