Excavator SDLG LG978

Basic introduction of the SDLG LG978 wheel loader

The LG978 SDLG wheel loader is one of the most popular models in the large wheel loader segment. This product has strong capacity, can withstand many harsh environments while still operating gently.

The LG978 SDLG wheel loader is a luxurious and comfortable excavator for handling heavy materials, withstands great breaking forces, comfortable operating conditions, high operating efficiency and is widely used in industrial applications. construction, mining, wharf sector, etc.

1.Low speed and large torque motor meets the requirements of China’s II emission standard, with strong power, low noise, reliable performance, horizontal air filter and front for convenient repair and maintenance.

2. The HT220 fixed-shaft electric-liquid transmission gearbox is specially imported by SDLG, with four front and rear wheels, flexible and highly efficient; SDLG enhances shaft drive. Full hydraulic cruise brake system, with stable and reliable braking properties, convenient for repair and maintenance.

3. The whole machine uses SDLG’s special NVH technique and three-stage suspension system, new luxurious mechanical suspension seat, better damping performance, creating comfort for the driver.

Giới thiệu cơ bản dòng xe xúc lật SDLG LG978

Operating weight23640~23690Kg
Bucket capacity3.5~6.0m³
Rated load7000Kg
Max.breakout force216KN
Max.dumping height(E)3252~3600mm
Dumping distance(G)1194~1242mm
Length×Width×Height9213× 3200× 3665
Max.tractive force216KN
Max.climbing angle(H)28°
Total time≤11s
Steering angel(O)38°
Tipping load145KN
Rated power226kW

Thông số kỹ thuật máy xúc lật SDLG LG978

Hệ thống đèn điện của máy xúc lật SDLG LG978

To “embrace” such a bulky “body”, the SDLG LG978 wheel loader has a very sturdy outer shell that can ensure smooth operation without any internal parts. Withstands pressure under gravity. The product can bear a lifting weight of 7000 kg. As expected of being an “athlete” in the village of large wheel loaders.

The ability to discharge and climb steeply: The LG978 SDLG wheel loader looks bulky but surprisingly it can climb up to 28 degrees with excellent balance. With this ability, it can climb comfortably steep hills with absolutely no problems in uneven quarry or mineral terrain.

The lifting height of this Chinese wheel loader is also impressive at 4350mm. The no-load height of the LG978 SDLG wheel loader is greater than 3m, which can gently dump 3 or 4 wheel loaders.

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