Excavator SDLG LG946L

Basic introduction of the LG946L SDLG wheel loader

The LG946L joint venture wheel loader belongs to the large wheel loader segment with a bucket capacity of 2.5 blocks. The machine is completely manufactured and assembled on the transfer line and under VOLVO’s quality supervision, carried out by SDLG, a member brand of VOLVO group. This is a mid-range machine in the large wheel loader segment, the vehicle is very suitable for needs such as sand shoveling, mixing plant with capacity of over 90M3 / h, sand mining area, coal mining, and scrap paper. paper factory …

Used very popular in Vietnam in the mining industries of quarries, coal mines, agricultural products, concrete mixing plants … There are also wood clamp configurations, tunneling for customers to choose. Optimized design to simplify maintenance and operation.

With the advantage of cooperation with prestigious Swedish firm VOLVO. We bring to customers the best quality wheel loader with the most reasonable price.

Giới thiệu cơ bản dòng xe xúc lật SDLG LG946L

Operating weight12700~12850Kg
Bucket capacity2.0~2.5m³
Rated load4000Kg
Max.breakout force125KN
Max.dumping height(E)2950~3235mm
Dumping distance(G)1055~1065mm
Length×Width×Height7600 × 2766 × 3240
Max.tractive force120KN
Max.climbing angle(H)28°
Total time≤10s
Steering angel(O)38°
Tipping load80KN
Rated power118kW

Thông số kỹ thuật máy xúc lật SDLG LG946L

máy xúc lật SDLG LG946L

The Volvo SDLG LG946L Joint Venture Large Wheel Loader Gearbox can be replaced with a 5 ton wheel loader gearbox. For the wheel loader, one of the two most important parts of the vehicle is the transmission. That is why when Chang had a 3 ton wheel loader gearbox for the 5 ton wheel loader, the large wheel loader manufacturer SDLG did something to improve the operational stability and durability. .
This is hydraulic multi-speed gearbox with 2 forward and reverse gear, maximum forward gear is 36km / h, reverse gear is 16km / h.
With this type of gearbox, LG946L joint venture gives customers great experiences such as:
Extremely powerful activity.
Change your number, honey.
Easy to use.
There are many options to meet the needs of each job.
Hydraulic system:
The LG946L joint venture wheel loader can be replaced with an advanced manual system:
Use Volvo’s new 2-piece hydraulic manual transducers for control.
Operation is extremely simple
Lift time 1 cycle <10.2 seconds
Using marine sensors, although the bucket can be raised and lowered, it can improve operating safety.
Modern cooling system, large oil tank, centrifugal cooling fan automatically adjust speed according to temperature.
The hydraulic pump is powerful and durable.
tính năng ưu việt xe xúc lật SDLG LG946L

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