Excavator SDLG LG936L

Basic introduction of the SDLG LG936L wheel loader

LG936L is a wheel loader product of the type of mechanized equipment specializing in loading soil and rock, building materials and then dumping goods on other means of transportation. They are widely used in farms, small mining factories, wood processing factories, etc. The LG936L SDLG wheel loader is a wheel loader with a load capacity of up to 3 tons. In addition, the SDLG LG936L is also hydraulically controlled to help the driver operate more smoothly and in better control. Together with the easy-to-see and spacious Cabin, the SDLG LG936L excavator helps the machine increase productivity and save fuel.

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SDLG LG936L Wheel Loader Specifications

Operating weight10700~10750Kg
Bucket capacity1.4~3.0m³
Rated load3000Kg
Max.breakout force96KN
Max.dumping height(E)2950~3278mm
Dumping distance(G)1020~1050mm
Length×Width×Height7266 × 2510 × 3170
Max.tractive force105KN
Max.climbing angle(H)30°
Total time≤9s
Steering angel(O)38°
Tipping load66KN
Rated power92kW

Design of the LG936L wheel loaderThiết kế của máy xúc lật LG936L

– The SDLG LG936L wheel loader has a bucket capacity of 2.4m3 and a load capacity of up to 3 tons is controlled by a hydraulic system, so the SDLG LG936L excavator operator can control the vehicle in the best way.

In addition, the SDLG Lg936L wheel loader also has a very wide cabin and good visibility with low fuel consumption to increase the productivity of the excavator.

– The SDLG Lg936l excavator chassis has the best hardness in the same segment

The working panels are rear mounted and facing outwards for easier daily check-in and maintenance.

– Single joystick of excavator boom and bucket for easier operation

– In addition, the wheel loader SDLG LG936L can also customize the size of the bucket capacity

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Xe xúc lật liên doanh VOLVO SDLG LG936L được chang bị động cơ Weichai DEUTZ

VOLVO SDLG LG936L joint venture wheel loader is changed by Weichai DEUTZ engine which is the biggest engine brand in China. Weichai engines that are modified on large wheel loaders LG933L, LG936L, LG946L, LG953N, L956F … are all SDLG engine models set specifically for its products.
Volvo SDLG LG936L Wheel Loader has a capacity of 92KW, with turbocharger. Average fuel consumption is 7l / h.
With the engine changer on the LG936L Wheel Loader, it is extremely powerful, durable, low in noise and saves fuel.

VOLVO SDLG LG936L Joint Venture Large Wheel Loader is changeable with 5 ton wheel loader gearbox. For the wheel loader, one of the two most important parts of the vehicle is the transmission. Therefore, the manufacturer of the large wheel loader SDLG has made a difference when chang is giving its 3 ton wheel loader a 5 ton wheel loader gearbox to increase the stability and robustness in operation. .
This is a multi-speed hydraulic gearbox with 2 next gear, 1 reverse gear with maximum speed for next gear is 38km / h and reverse gear is 17km / h.
With this type of gearbox, the LG936L joint venture brings customers extremely great experiences such as:
Extremely powerful activity.
Change gear, honey.
Simple operation.
Many options to suit each job needs.

Hydraulic system:
The LG936L joint-venture wheel loader is changeable with an advanced manual power system:
Use 1 hydraulic changer to control.
Lifting time for 1 cycle <9s
Using the sea sensor, though lifting and lowering the bucket, increases safety in operation.
Modern cooling system, large oil tank, centrifugal cooling fan adjust speed according to temperature.
Hydraulic pump is powerful, durable.

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