Excavator SDLG LG933L-AL

Basic introduction of the SDLG LG933L-AL series wheel loader

The LG933L-AL wood clamp excavator is a wood clamp excavator with a lifting load of 3000Kg. Comes with 1.8m3 bucket, widely used in Vietnam. The machine is completely manufactured and assembled on the transfer line and under VOLVO’s quality supervision, carried out by SDLG, a member brand of VOLVO group. This is the smallest machine in the large wheel loader segment, the vehicle is very suitable for needs such as sand shovel with a capacity of 60m3 / h, sand shovel, coal shovel in storage, indoor paper shovels. paper machine … Is a specialized product for loading and unloading wood, garbage. Products are optimized for simplicity in maintenance and operation.

dòng xe xúc lật SDLG LG933L-AL

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SDLG LG933L-AL Wheel Loader Specifications

Operating weight10200~10250Kg
Bucket capacity1.4~3.0m³
Rated load3000Kg
Max.breakout force96KN
Max.dumping height(E)2950~3278mm
Dumping distance(G)1020~1050mm
Length×Width×Height7185 × 2510 × 3087
Max.tractive force96KN
Max.climbing angle(H)30°
Total time≤9s
Steering angel(O)36°
Tipping load60KN
Rated power92kW

Máy xúc lật liên doanh VOLVO SDLG LG933L - AL được thay đổi bằng động cơ Weichai DEUTZ là thương hiệu động cơ lớn nhất Trung Quốc.

Design of the LG933L-AL wheel loader

VOLVO SDLG LG933L – AL joint venture excavator is changed by Weichai DEUTZ engine, which is the biggest engine brand in China. Weichai engines are improved on LG933L, LG936L, LG946L, LG953N, L956F … all large loaders are designed specifically for their products by SDLG.
Volvo SDLG LG933L – AL 92 kW wheel loader with turbocharger. The average fuel consumption is 7 liters / hour.
With the engine converter in the LG933L – AL Wheel Loader, it is very powerful, durable, low noise and economical.

VOLVO SDLG LG933L – AL Interchangeable large joint venture wheel loader with multi-speed hydraulic transmission, 2 forward and 1 reverse gear with a fast and slow gear converter suitable for all business needs . Top speed is 38 km / h in front gear and 9 km / h in reverse gear.
With this type of gearbox, LG933L joint venture gives customers great experiences such as:
Change your number, friend.
Simple operation.
Several options are available to suit the needs of each job.

Hydraulic system:
The LG933L – AL wheel loader is equipped with an advanced dynamics system:
Use 2 hand changer controls.
Lifting time in one cycle is less than 9 seconds
Using marine sensors while the bucket is raised or lowered for increased safety during operation.
Modern cooling system, large oil tank, centrifugal cooling fan adjust speed according to temperature.
The hydraulic pump is powerful and durable.

điện của máy xúc lật SDLG LG933L-AL

Lựa chọn xe xúc lật SDLG LG933L-AL. Hành khách có thể lựa chọn kẹp 3 răng hoặc kẹp 5 răng để phù hợp với công việc của mình.

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