Excavator SDLG L956FH

Basic introduction of the SDLG L956FH wheel loader

The SDLG L956FH wheel loader is a product of the high-end mid-range segment of the SDLG Group. The product has a lifting capacity of 5400 kg, is fitted with a standard bucket from 4.2 m3. Products are researched and developed for quarries and harbors. Need a product with large bucket volume, hydraulic gearbox to simplify maintenance and repair, bring high work efficiency with reasonable investment cost.
L956FH is trusted by customers. Widely used in most material handling applications. Mining site, concrete mixing plant, harbor …

Máy xúc lật SDLG L956FH

SDLG L956FH Wheel Loader Specifications

Operating weight16970 kg
Bucket capacity3.2 m³
Rated load5400 kg
Max.breakout force175kN
Max.dumping height3100 mm
Dumping distance1120 mm
Length×Width×Height8280×3024×3380 mm
Max.tractive force165 kN
Total time≤10 s
Steering angel38°
Tipping load110 KN
Rated power162 kW

Thiết kế của máy xúc lật L956FH

Design of the wheel loader L956FH

The frame system is taken from truck SDLG L968F lifting 6 tons. Helps increase rigidity and stability when working. The car body connection position is designed to deflect the operating load of the front axle, reducing the ability to steer more gently and flexibly.

The trailer shirt is arranged with 4 planetary gears to increase load capacity compared to conventional wheel loaders.

In addition, the cylinder stroke sensor system helps protect the cylinder and the hydraulic system better

The SDLG L956Fh wheel loader stands with the MT86 mine truck

WEICHAI engines save fuel.

Equipped with WEICHAI engine with the most advanced model WD10G220E23 of the company. The capacity of 162Kw / 2000vph helps to save up to 15% of fuel consumption in the same working conditions, helping to maximize economic efficiency for the investor.

Máy xúc lật SDLG L956Fh

Các điểm đặc biệt xe xúc lật SDLG L956FH

Special features wheel loader SDLG L956FH

1.LG A515 drive shaft with rear axle design to provide high bearing capacity and reliability.
2. Using an engine hood made of automobile grade cast steel and balanced cast iron with a sense of certainty, thus higher safety and reliability;
3. Bucket bottom lifting mechanism also uses anti-wear plate mechanism to reduce bucket wear during operation.

Material savings
1. The raw material-saving RPM engine meets the requirements of China’s II emission standard and the high-efficiency large-capacity torque converter, which has improved working efficiency and effectively reduced oil consumption;
2. The 3.2 m3 bucket is installed as standard. The optimal design has reduced drag.

1. Anti-roll cab with new appearance, increase by 15% of cabin area;
2. Effective noise reduction, to improve comfort and safety while driving.

1. The hood of the motorcycle and the radiator hood are designed with corresponding large opening to create more space for maintenance;
2.The oil filter, fuel filter and air filter are arranged on the same side for convenient maintenance.

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