Excavator SDLG L956F

Basic introduction of the SDLG L956F series of wheel loaders

The SDLG L956F wheel loader is a bucket model with a bucket volume up to 4.2m3 / block, imported and distributed directly from the SDLG group at an affordable price suitable for mining factories. coal and other industrial plants.
The SDLG L956F wheel loader uses highly efficient BX50 planetary gear mechanism. 23.5-25 tire is resistant to wear, suitable for working conditions in mines.
Similar to LG953N, the low speed motor combined with SDLG’s proprietary torque converter results in a 20% increase in efficiency.
Other improvements include 3-speed suspension, wide field cabin, reverse camera, oil filter and air filter all in one place for easy maintenance.

Máy xúc lật SDLG L956F là model gầu có thể tích gầu lên đến 4,2m3 / khối

SDLG L956F Wheel Loader Specifications

SDLG L956F Main Configuration
Rated Load5000kgs(5Ton)
Operating Weight17450kgs
Standard Bucket3.0cbm
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)8180*3024*3423mm
Max.dumping height3040mm
EngineWeichai WD10G220E23
Transmission systemSDLG gearbox,SDLG axle
Hydraulic systemPilot control,load-sensing steering
Lifting armStandard
Control valve2-spool valve
Braking SystemDual braking pedal
CabPilot control valve (split type)
Cooling/Heating systemA/C
 OthersStarting Interlocking
Engine tachometer
Fuel tank lock
Hose for inflating tyre
Tiltable steering column
Optional ConfigurationQuick Hitch System, FOPS&ROPS Cabin , Large Bucket

Thiết kế của máy xúc lật L956F Động cơ WEICHAI: Tiêu chuẩn EU II

Excavator SDLG L956F Binh Duong excavator yard
Engine: WEICHAI low speed motor is equipped with a turbocharger.
Electronic centrifugal heat dissipation system
Hydraulic induction steering wheel.
Friendly design
Cabin: curved glass in front of the cabin increases visibility for the operator, equipped with a dedicated personal storage compartment, equipped with a large capacity fan and large capacity air conditioner to create a comfortable working space. Roof.
The chair has a pneumatic seat design, the cabin has 3 dampers.
Operation: equipped with hydraulic armrest, adjustable armrest, with sunshade canvas
Equipped with large capacity air-conditioner.
Reverse camera for better visibility, maximum support for users

Cyclic maintenance: the air and oil filters are concentrated in one place for replacement and inspection.
Grease pumping points are concentrated in one place for maintenance and inspection
Has a dedicated position to check total brake.
Large cabin lid, large lid door is convenient for inspection and maintenance.

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