Excavator SDLG L956F-GBH

Basic introduction of the SDLG L956F-GBH wheel loader

Towards the demand for wheel loaders with discharge height of over 4.5m with large bucket. Specializes in handling lightweight products such as wood chips, coal, agricultural products … We bring to Vietnam the L956F-GBH Wheel Loader with a discharge height of up to 4.5m. Suitable for loading onto container trucks, tank trucks …. With 2 floors.
Different from other firms in the market built on low-priced configurations. We built on the highest-end model of the SDLG company, the L956F. To increase service life, increase reliability, minimize repair costs …

Máy xúc lật SDLG L956F-GBH

SDLG L956F-GBH Wheel Loader Specifications

Operating WeightBucket CapacityRated LoadMax.dumping heightDumping distanceLength x Width x Height
18680 kg4.2m³(2.7~4.5)4000kg4560mm1700mm9030×3016×3423
Max.tractive forceTotal timeSteering angelRated power
≥165 kN≤10s38°162kW

Máy xúc lật L956F-GBH trang bị động cơ Weichai model mới nhất.

Design of the wheel loader L956F-GBH

VOLVO’s handle with 3 small controls: 1 lever, 1 bucket and 1 2-stage pouring lever, helping to manipulate extremely quickly and gently. Increase operational productivity as well as reduce operator fatigue.
The L956F-GBH wheel loader is equipped with the latest model Weichai engine. With an engine capacity of up to 162 Kw with 2000 rpm rev / min, 20% more oil savings than other companies of the same capacity in the market.
BX50 planetary drive system for great gearing ratios
The LG A515’s drive shaft is attached to the rear axle with a rotating design for ruggedness and durability.
23.5-25 tire with 20PR front tire and 18PR rear tire produced by Triangle (also known as Triangular tire) has high durability, high load capacity.
L956F-GBH wheel loader equipped with US Permco pump system has high quality and durability.
Cabin space of the SDLG L956F-GBH wheel loader is increased by 15%, interior noise is reduced to less than 80dB
Custom steering wheel, adjustable soft seats.
The windshield of the SDLG L956F-GBH has a curved design that provides a wide field of view when working.
There is a full roof, headlights, steps up and down.
The entire fat system of the breast is brought out, which is a favorable position to put fat in.
Taplo displays sensor parameters such as coolant temperature, battery, oil quantity … and other parameters in case of a fault on the vehicle.
In addition, customers can refer to a smaller version of the XD935G wheel loader with a bucket capacity of 3 blocks and a discharge height of 4.5 meters.


Máy xúc lật L956F-GBH được nâng cấp từ model máy xúc lật L956F

Intended use Wheel loader SDLG L956F-GBH

The L956F-GBH wheel loader is upgraded from the L956F wheel loader model with changes in accordance with the high dumping demand on the market today. The L956F-GBH wheel loader is equipped with a 2-story bucket bucket, bucket capacity 4.2 blocks. Suitable for the needs of shoveling materials such as coal, sand, sawdust, noodles, shavings, agricultural products … The need to pour 4.5 meters high.

-The principle of the 2-storey bucket is that when lifting the boom, there will be 2 hydraulics under the bucket, pushing the bucket 1 more floor, raising the pouring height to 4.5 meters, compared with the usual height of 3 meters. .

The difference between the 2-stage boom from the conventional extension boom is the increased weight of the lift. Because when the lever is stretched, the longer swingarm reduces the bucket lift force and increases the boom travel time. Reduce the working efficiency and affect the durability of the machine.

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