Excavator SDLG L953

Basic introduction of the SDLG L953 wheel loader

SDLG L953 wheel loader from SDLG Corporation. The product has a lifting capacity of 5000 kg, is fitted with a standard bucket from 3.2 m3. The L953 wheel loader developed in 2019 is based on the LG953N prototype. The product is optimized for road traction and reduces fuel consumption by 15%. This helps the machine be widely used in material processing plants, mining sites, concrete mixing plants …

Máy xúc lật SDLG L953

SDLG L953 Wheel Loader Specifications

Operating weight16600~16700Kg
Bucket capacity2.3~4.5m³
Rated load5000Kg
Max.breakout force160KN
Max.dumping height(E)3099~3400mm
Dumping distance(G)1083~1098mm
Length×Width×Height7929× 3024 × 3423
Max.tractive force150KN
Max.climbing angle(H)29°
Total time≤10s
Steering angel(O)35°
Tipping load100KN
Rated power162kW

Máy xúc lật SDLG L953 của SDLG Corporation

Hệ thống điện máy xúc lật SDLG L953

Ưu điểm vượt trội của xe xúc lật L953

Bucket is reinforced with active anti-spillage plate to protect bucket and reduce material spillage.
Integrated stroke sensor for lifting and lowering the cylinder to help protect the hydraulic system.
Bucket blade is cast in Manganese cast iron to increase durability by 30%
23.5-25 tire increased from 16PR to 18PR.

Outstanding advantages of the L953 wheel loader

Based on the LG953N prototype, the SDLG engineering company has upgraded many worthwhile details to create the SDLG L953 Wheel Loader Model with:
BX-52 gearbox is improved from the gearbox BX-51 to help generate more torque. Strong load capacity while ensuring durability up to 15000 hours of use.
The axle distance is extended from 2900mm to 3200mm, reducing the vehicle’s center of gravity to 150mm. Helps the car operate extremely stable in rough conditions.

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