Excavator E6300F

The E6300F Excavator Series Basic Introduction

The imported and distributed E6300F excavator is the latest model of the SDLG excavator line with bucket capacity up to 1.4m3 / block. The cheapest, high-quality E6300F excavator in the same segment helps mining businesses save costs and improve working efficiency.

Máy xúc đào E6300F

Technical Data of the E6300F Excavator

Bucket capacity m3 1.4
Self-weight vehicle Kg 29300
Maximum digging force kN 193.5
Rotation speed r / min 10.7
Travel speed (min / max) Km / h 3.4 / 5.4
Max digging height Mm 9620
Maximum digging depth Mm 6830
Maximum pouring height Mm 6690
Sales of revolving wheel Mm 4220
Appearance size Mm 10400 * 3190 * 3430
Engine brand: DEUTZ
Model: DEUTZ SD70B
Country of origin: Germany

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Design of the E6300F Excavator

Engine model DEUTZ SD70B (Germany)
Rated power KW / rpm 170/1800
Cylinder capacity ml 7146
Mm 108 * 130 cylinder
Fuel consumption g / kW.h 230
Highest rpm r / min 1080
Form of 6-cylinder engine in line, with turbocharging, water and air cooled.

Hydraulic system
Hydraulic pump KAWASAKI K5V160DT
SS32 divider valve
Maximum flow rate L / min 2 × 263 + 18
Pressure Kgf / cm2 330/350
Control mode 2 control pumps
Movement form Crawler movement
VOLVO rotating wheel

Using DEUTZ SD70B engine imported from Germany in accordance with the engine standards used on VOLVO’s excavators, helping the machine operate in durability, maximum fuel economy. DEUTZ SD70B provides 170kW (227Hp) power to help the machine operate strongly, achieve high efficiency in work.

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Excavator E6300F

– SDLG E6300F excavators in particular and SDLG’s excavators in general are manufactured under the technology of VOLVO Sweden (VOLVO owns 70% of the shares of SDLG Group) with high productivity and strength. dig big and meet all the toughest working conditions.

The engine is equipped with an internal cooling system and turbocharger is the second generation of the German national electric system EMR2 with outstanding features: high capacity, economical and environmentally friendly. and durable to meet all standards for mining machinery. Along with the 3-stage air filter system improves quality and prolongs the life of the engine.

The hydraulic system of the SDLG E6300F Excavator is powered by two hydraulic pumps with isotropic control system and operating modes such as “ automatic sensing mode ” and “ operating mode with One or two pumps at the same time ” improves efficiency and allows for the most precise excavator control.


SDLG E6300F is currently imported complete unit and distributed by Hoang Giai Construction Machinery. A leader in the field of providing motorized equipment with very popular products such as small loaders, bucket loaders, high dump trucks (dump trucks over 4.5 m), engine forklifts New ISUZU, 2 block bucket excavator, 3 block or more bucket excavator, wheel loader equipped with 360 degree rotating clamp, decorative materials …

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